Friday, November 21, 2008

Do have some respect for P. Patto’s family.

The renaming of Jalan Silibin to Jalan P.Patto had caused an unusually large uproar from the businesses and residents in this particular area.

Although it is natural to have opposition to this plan to change the road name but it must be contained within the precinct of fair comment and good faith.

After reading the two news reports in The Star (18-11-08 and 19-11-08), one cannot deny the fact that there is a smack of insensitivity permeating into this whole affair of renaming.

If one has scant respect for P. Patto and has an unstoppable urge to comment, please do exercise some humility because P. Patto’s wife and his two daughters are still around and most important of all, P. Patto is not here to defend his name.

Disappointingly some of the comments had apparently gone overboard. As it stands, these comments degrade what P.Patto’s family have cherished so much of him as a good husband, a good father and an upright politician.

For being fair in one’s comments means that one should not utter comments like naming a pub after him or he was not good enough. One cannot miss an intentional sprinkle of cruelty in these comments and the manner they were put devoid of humility.

These comments implies that P. Patto had spent his life time centred around pubs or he was not good enough to be given the privilege to have a road named after him.

P. Patto once told me that when he leaves this world only his name remains.

True to the point, but I do not wish to speculate whether he approves or disapproves of having a road sign named after him but I am very sure that he would be offended that his name is being toss about in disrespect.

Please let him be respected as a fine, honest and humble gentleman for in the name of justice he had fought without fear or favour.

He does not deserve all these commotions. Let’s us have some decency.

Choo Sing Chye

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