Monday, July 11, 2011

Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj – The exemplary MP

By: Choo Sing Chye

Dr Jeyakumar is a pleasant and a gentle person whose passion to help the helpless poor had always been laced with compassion. Not a strand in him that suggest he is a violent person nor it is part of his disposition. Whatever he does, transcend well beyond race and religion. He is a true Malaysian without the Indian adjective.

About three weeks ago, I received two books from him, 'Maaf Tuan Speaker, Saya Tidak Dapat Menyokong' which is written by him and the other, 'Socialist Perspective 3' by PSM (Parti Sosialis Malaysia) selected writers.

I read them both, but when he was charged with going ‘to war against our King’ and reviving the Communist Ideology, I thought out loud, 'give me a break!' The feeling that we are living in a deflated democracy has been proven right on the day BN lost its sanity.

Violent inclination? Definately it does not show in his character or in his book.

His book is not seditious nor have any tendency towards violence. His book does not insinuate violence or the call for an armed uprising against the government. His writings showed none of these.

Even the choice of words in the PSM’s banner calling for the removal of the BN government were mild – I mean extremely mild. The choice of the keyword was ‘retire’ not destroy. Retire does not conjure up any image of violence or aggressiveness . It is more of a call for the BN government to ‘leave-in-peace’ rather than a call for its destruction.

His ideas and believe-system that he had expounded in his book do not stray away from the very position of the Left of Center which the present British Labour Party resides and for the matter, the Liberal Party (the present ruling government coalition partner).

If the Malaysian government insist of calling PSM communist than it is safe to call three quarter of Western Europe Communist.

Generally, Dr Jeyakumar as I have known him is a Soft-Left Social Democrat rather than a Hard-Left Communist.

Thus, the Malaysian Government must not dwell in the past, grow up please! Communism is fast fading away from the world political scene. In China, the teens are queuing up to buy the latest Apple’s I-Pads rather than queuing up to buy Mao’s little Red Book.

The world has changed and the most unambiguous change is from the Land Above the Wind (Middle East).

Now the only decent thing the government should do is to release Dr Jeyakumar and his colleagues without any precondition.

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