Friday, March 23, 2012

Hung Parliament? – Just Rump it, like in Perak.

By: Choo Sing Chye


An old satire sketch of the sacking of the Rump Parliament(1)

1)     The Speaker being pull from the Chair.
2)     This House is to let (desecration  of the
3)     The Owl, a symbol of  Wisdom, wears
        glasses and  holds a candle but still 
        cannot see  (Symbolized the Judiciary).  (2)

I do not know why the National Front’s politicians fear a Hung Parliament?  First, it was Daim and not far behind is our Honourable PM, Najib. 

Now, why in the world does Najib  fear it?   He has the experience of  getting rid of the elected Pakatan Perak State Government and replacing it with a ‘Rump’ of his own.

And believe me, the sacking of the ‘Rump Parliament’  in 1653, bear uncanny resemblance to what happened in 2009 where the  Pakatan Perak State Government was removed unceremoniously.   Just look at the satire sketch above  and the description attached to it and you will see the similarity.

Thus, if a Hung Parliament does happen in the 13th GE, the choices are plenty, just pick one from the many assorted Parliaments which the  Englishmen had created in the 17th Century.

In 1624, the English had the Happy Parliament, in 1625, the Useless Parliament, from April to May 1640, the Short Parliament,  the Long Parliament from 1640 to 1648, the Rump Parliament (1649),  and in 1653, the Little (Barebone’s) Parliament. (3)

Now, for the first time in history, Malaysia got a Rump State Assembly in Perak and if  Najib’s transformation is on track, we would  definitely get a Rump Parliament instead of a Hung Parliament.  


1)     Patrick Watson and Benjamin Barber, The Struggle for Democracy, Lester &  Orpen Dennys Ltd. Toronto, Canada.

2)   ibid.

3)  Google Hung Parliament.

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