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What Watergate Scandal had in common with Malaysian Politics? - SEX !

By: Choo Sing Chye

For a starter, I hate to admit that Dr. Mahathir is absolutely right when he said that UMNO’s intellectual base is thinning just like the fast receding hairline of Samy Vellu’s. 

Intelligence is never an UMNO’s or BN’s forte.  The persistent call byNallakaruppan and the so-called Anti-Anwar Alliance (AAA) for the impeachment of Anwar by way of  Parliament, is  one good example.   Citing the American example is another.

Clearly, all these actions do not rhyme with a thinking person and human dignity.   The spitefulness of the AAA and their insistence to stand firm on the shaky platform of demeaning allegations, is beyond comprehension.  Because of this, the  Malaysian parliament should be made off-limits to these innuendoes.

Nala and AAA should, instead, rent a seminar room at any hotel just like what Datuk T  did, to spew out their venom.   In this way, the parliament is spared from associating with these characters.  

After all that had happened in the past few weeks, one cannot escape the fact that this episode is beginning to sound like the Watergate scandal. 

Apparently, Watergate scandal is analogous to what is happening right now in Malaysia.  Looking at Sodomy II, Datuk T’s sex tape and Nalla’s accusations of sexual misconduct, one would see the similarity.

Watergate break-in is not about intelligence gathering on the Democrats prior to the presidential elections which the majority  of the people believe – it is all about sex blackmail! 

Now, let me elaborate on the Watergate scandal in a very simplistic form by introducing the cast of characters taken from the book by: Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin, “Silent Coup – The Removal of a President”.   (Page XVIII)

 H. R. "Bob" Haldeman—Nixon's chief of staff during the first term. He pushed for intelligence on the Democrats, but was unaware of Dean's rogue intelligence-gathering that led to the Watergate break-in.

John W. Dean III  -  Nixon’s White House chief legal counsel.   He was the mastermind of the Watergate break-in.  His had  his own intelligence-gathering operation which he used to get dirt  from the call-girl ring that used a phone at  the Watergate Democrat’s HQ.  When this sleaze operation was exposed, he instituted a cover-up.   He lied to President Nixon.   Nixon was unaware of  Dean’s sleaze operation that uses sexual blackmail to eliminate his enemies.  Nixon  thought  Dean was gathering normal intelligence from the Democrat’s HQ. 

Maureen Dean -  Girlfriend and later wife of John W. Dean III.  Her friend Erika "Heidi" Rikan was the prostitution ring’s Madam called Mo.   Maureen’s  friendship with Mo  gave an opportunity to her boyfriend,  Dean, who was looking for sexual dirt on the Demo­crats.  

Cathy Dieter/"Heidi" Rikan - Her sex-for-hire ring was located at theColumbia Plaza apartments next to the Watergate. Known to Phillip Mackin Bailley  by her Dieter alias, she used him to help get clients from Democratic headquarters.

Phillip Mackin Bailley  - Attorney, whose clients included prostitutes. Through a contact, he helped  the local call-girl ring solicit clients from Democratic head­quarters at the Watergate. 

Charles R. Richey - Federal judge. He ordered Phillip Bailley to a mental hospital, gagged all discussion of the case and later sentenced Bailley to five years in prison.

G. Gordon Liddy - White House Plumber and Watergate burglar. Recruited by Dean as Nixon campaign intelligence chief.

E. Howard Hunt - White House Plumber and Watergate bur­glar. He knew the true break-in target and received almost all of the hush money Dean collected during the cover-up. His notebooks implicated Dean in Watergate.

Eugenio Rolando Martinez—Watergate burglar. He knew the true target of the bugging was not Democratic chairman Larry O'Brien's phone, but one elsewhere in the Democratic National Congress (DNC): the phone used to set up dates with call-girls.

Anthony T. Ulasewicz - White House private investigator. Dean used him as another intelligence operative, instructing him to survey the DNC offices, and using him to carry the hush money payments to Hunt.
John N. Mitchell - Attorney General and Nixon's close friend. Dean falsely accused him of devising a cover-up plan involving the CIA. Nixon wrongly believed he had ordered the break-in, and never tried to find the truth.

W. Donald Stewart - Pentagon investigator. He obtained Radford's first confession on the Pentagon spying. Gen. Haig and Buzhardt saw him as a threat, and the White House tried to taint him through a false blackmail charge.

Gen. Alexander M. Haig, Jr.  - Aide to Kissinger and lat­er Nixon's chief of staff. His relationship with Lt. Bob Woodward, who briefed him at the White House, and his links to the Moorer-Radford military spying affair were kept from Nixon.

Bob Woodward - Navy lieutenant and Watergate reporter. As an officer he traveled to the White House and briefed Haig, who later became his key source in Watergate and whom he shielded under the guise of "Deep Throat”.

Richard M. Nixon - Thirty-seventh president of the United States. His secret foreign policy earned him enemies on the political right. He willingly covered up the break-in without getting the facts, and trusted Haig, who betrayed him.

Henry A. Kissinger - National Security Adviser. He and Nixon conducted foreign policy through backchannels, which caused them to become targets of the spying on behalf of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Melvin R. Laird - Secretary of Defense. Cut out by Nixon from most foreign policy decisions, he nonetheless knew about the military's spying on the president and Kissinger. He also knew about Woodward's connection to Haig.

Archibald Cox - Watergate Special Prosecutor. His inves­tigation targeted the White House Plumbers, which caused Haig to fear disclosure of his role in military spying on the White House. For that reason, Haig helped engineer Cox's firing.

In sum, when one talks about Watergate, one must read this book because it offers a different angle on the issue which is sex and political blackmail.

It’s a good read for Nalla and AAA.

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